Sekolah Kebangsaan Ulu Lubai or commonly known as SKUL is the one of the rural school on Sarawak that has made into the rank as one of the country's best cluster school. Opened in year 1964, SK Ulu Lubai is a primary school tucked in the middle of the jungle at the farthest reaches of Lubai River, about in 55km from Limbang. It is accessible by an abandoned logging road, river and on foot. The school was the first among other schools from interior regions to be organised for its academic excellence.

        Following the recognition, SK Ulu Lubai has become an overnight sensation because, as a primary school in the interior of Limbang. SK Ulu Lubai was the toast of the Education Ministry for its outstanding performance and initiatives, including networking linkages with the universities and schools in United Kingdom and Singapore. SK Ulu Lubai won the Gold Medal Award for Commonwealth Education Good Practice Awards, Finalist Commonwealth Education Good Practice Awards 2009 (Malaysia Government and Commonwealth Secretariat), and was nominataed for Unesco Education of International Best Practices 2010 competition. SK Ulu Lubai is a very ordinary remote school as far as infrastructures and facilities are concerned. But it is extraordinary in terms of performance, winning two international, five national, 14 state and 46 division awards. SK Ulu Lubai , under the charge of headmaster Jaul Anak Bunyau, lead the list under the primary schools category. Headmaster Jaul Anak Bunyau was responsible for turning parents of Ulu Lubai to become the strongest backers of the transformation of the school.

        As a result, the school went on to bag the top prize in Council of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) Best Practices Award. But despite the school's location in rural area, it has beat many contemporary schools with its network that includes University of Bristol, Kingsford Community Schooland, DeptFord Green School in UK and Jing Shan Primary School of Singapore in 2009-2010.